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Several European Space programs exist to support IOD/IOV missions of new technology. The largest of these programs are described below. These programs are often focused on a technology niche and are often constraint by nationality, funding, development phase, timeliness of the RFP’s.

The goal of INVEST is to provide a European-wide generic long term programme to complement to these programs. We believe this is possible by addressing the need for IOD/IOV in a different way:

  • Selecting for promising technology based on open calls: enabling technology push from the industry
  • Broad technology focus: not pre-constraint by themes or stand-alone missions
  • Selection on value adding: PPP funding support
  • Not constraint by national or subsector specific contributions: opportunities for any type of organization that has a solid business case

There are a lot of opportunities for IOD/IOV, and the goal of INVEST is to gather these opportunities and match them with your needs!

Service Providers :
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