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Swiss Space Systems (S3) is a young company (founded in Oct 2012) with the objective of providing a reusable, flexible, safe and efficient launch system for small satellites. The Swiss Space Systems launch model comprises of an Airbus A300 aircraft (first stage), a sub-orbital shuttle “SOAR” (2nd stage) and the third stage spacecraft with the satellites inside. The system developed by S3 has many safety advantages: the launch can be terminated and the shuttle can return to Earth at any time during the process. With this concept, Swiss Space Systems will be able to offer satellite launches at approximately four times less than current market prices.

S3 wants to make space accessible through fast and recurrent access opportunities facilitating particularly science and in-orbit delivery. The company objective is to develop, manufacture, certify and operate unmanned suborbital space planes for small satellite (up to 250 kg) deployment. S3 will focus on the sub-orbital and orbital launch systems and platforms that are suitable for IOD/IOV satellites.