Propose your flight services

Propose your experiment


Why joining INVEST ?

  • You are developing innovative technologies that have direct space applications
  • Program managers tend to adopt a zero-risk approach and select systems with TRL >6

This leads to an endless cycle :


Here comes the In-Orbit Demonstration/Verification (IOD/IOV) !


The objectives of INVEST :

  • Identify IOD/IOV candidates and their needs
  • Identify IOD/IOV service providers and their needs
  • Match the 2 in a structured way


In order to foster innovation in Europe, the INVEST project with the support of the European Commission aims to gather the more information possible about the organisations that may benefit from IOD/IOV flights, in order to try and get them flight opportunities.


This is why you should participate to the database :

  • The online form takes only a few minutes to fill in
  • It is completely free
  • You may get selected for matchmaking with service providers
  • The more information we get from you, the best we will be able to structure the process