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The INVEST Project

Europe has a unique technological position in the space market and continues to invest heavily in the development of new technologies. Although new concepts and technologies are continuously being worked on in European and national programmes, few find their way to flight programmes in a short time as they are often deemed to be too immature or unproven for early selection into a flight programme.

In order to avoid getting trapped in a potential deadlock scenario where space innovation slowly grinds to a halt, the INVEST project will address this gap, research the key characteristics, requirements and constraints, and the project will work out a possible solution to improve the IOD/IOV capacity of Europe.


Our goal is to provide a European-wide programme for enabling a more rapid maturization of European space technologies and components by offering an integrated, multi-platform IOD/IOV community.


How it works


Phase 1: Create a database with proposed technology IOD/IOV missions and launch, host or test service.

We need information about your proposed technology IOD/IOV missions or launch, host or test service to create this database. You can submit your proposal through the submit buttons above on this home page until March 31, 2015. We will then analyse and match the proposed technology IOD/IOV missions with offered services.


Phase 2: Propose a strategic program with most promising IOD/IOV technologies to the European Commission.

Based on the proposed IOD/IOV technology, mission match and roadmaps a strategic IOD/IOV implementation program is proposed to the European Commission as an input to their future IOD/IOV agenda.

EC Horizon 2020 COMPET-5 work programme 2014

INVEST is part of the EC Horizon 20202 COMPET-5 IOD/IOV space work programme. Please follow the link to the Horizon 2020 work programme document for more details on the COMPET-5 programme.

Why should I participate?

INVEST offers you the opportunity to potentially get your IOD/IOV technology on the strategic European IOD/IOV agenda.

*for questions please visit the FAQ section.