Propose your flight services

Propose your experiment

The INVEST project is speeding up !

The databases for both experiment candidates and service providers for IOD/IOV are now being set up. After 13 months carrying interviews of the space industry community, we managed to gather some precious information about the European demand and offer for IOD/IOV.

More than 30 IOD/IOV service providers have participated and have been added to our database for potential future matchmaking.

We are now trying to reach out to new companies, universities or student initiatives that are developing innovative technologies that could benefit from an actual test IN SPACE.

Why should you submit an experiment ?
– Because the participation to the database is completely FREE
– Because it will allow you to maybe find a PERFECT MATCH with a IOD/IOV service very easily
– Because the more participation we get, the more performant will be the matchmaking mechanism
– Because it will take only 5 minutes of your time but may drastically improve the added value of your products/experiments by getting flights opportunities
– Because there are many companies out there providing IOD/IOV services, and we may find the one which suits you best !
– Because again, IT IS FREE

So fill out the form for IOD/IOV experiment candidates here now if you haven’t already !

2nd Call for IOD/IOV experiments !